Payment Info

There are two ways for the GPC Store payment:

(1) Postal Money Transfer (Yubin Furikae)

(2) Bank Transfer

(1) How to pay using the Postal Money Transfer form (Yubin Furikae yoshi)

Payments may be made to Harmonics Productions from any post office in Japan by doing a postal money transfer to our Post Office Account. The handling fee for Postal Money Transfers is about 100 yen.

Postal Money Transfer forms (in Japanese, Yubin Furikae yoshi - 郵便振替) are available at any post office in Japan. The forms are small, about 180 x 114mm, and printed in blue. The page of the form contains spaces for:

(1) Our Postal Account Number, which is 00180-7-666318

(2) The amount of money to be transferred

(3) Our company name: Harmonics Production (If you can write our company name in Japanese (ハーモニクスプロダクション) the postal clerk will surely be happy, but the post office will also accept the name written in English. The most important thing is to make no mistake with the Account Number.

(4) Your name, address (English is fine), telephone number, your Order Number, and

(5) other spaces that will be completed by the post office staff.

In the message space please write your Order Number. Your Order Number can be found near the top of the Confirmation Email you will receive after placing an online order. In the message space you can also add a comment or special instructions and include the names of the items you are ordering, if you like.

The left side (larger) portion of the postal transfer form is the main part of the form. The right side (much smaller) portion of the form will become your receipt. The receipt side needs to be filled out as well, but you only need to write your name and address in section 6. It will be stamped and given back to you by the post office staff after they complete the transaction.

Postal Money Transfers are fairly fast and inexpensive (less than a bank transfer), and there is almost always a post office near you.

It would be a good idea to print this page out and take it with you when going to the post office.

(2) Bank Transfer

Any bank in Japan can transfer money to our account. Bank transfers can also be done over the internet.

As each bank uses its own methods to do bank transfers, you should ask your bank for assistance. If you are not sure what to say to the bank staff, start by saying: Ginko furikomi o shitai desu...

Our bank name: Chiba Kogyo Bank (千葉興業銀行), Kamogawa Branch (鴨川支店)

Bank Account: Hamonikusu Purodakushon (Harmonics Production) (ハーモニクスプロダクション(普通)

Account No: 1050297

Account : Regular Saving (普通)

Note: Please add your Order Number before your name so we can connect your bank transfer to your order.

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