Debate on Alleged 911 Terrorism at the Diet - Can Obama's US Change?


It is said that the biggest contributors that enabled President Obama to attain hisoverwhelming victory at the last US Presidential election were the doubtfulwars in Iraq and Afghanistan and policies of President Bush who generated an unprecedented, once in a century, financial crisis.

In order to change Bush's America which brought misery to the people of the worldit is essential to look directly into the events of September 11, 2001. The events of Sept 11th can and should be considered its root cause of the crisis we are facing.

Presently many networks of concerned citizens are involved in dynamic activitiesin local 911 Truth movements, that in many cases extend beyond their own countries' borders.

This book is the record of the persistent efforts that I took in a debate at the Japanese Diet (Parliament) thus playing a part of the movement to bring 911 Truth to Japan. (MP Yukihisa Fujita)

Authored by: MP Yukihisa Fujita (Editor), David Ray Griffin, Yumi Kikuchi, Akira Doujimaru, Chihaya

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