Tokyo Journal - Issue 255 - English

This edition of Tokyo Journal has a six page must read cover story that discusses the many inconsistancies in the official US government 911 explanation and looks into the impact that the US Patriot Act has is having on both the US and Japan.

There are three separate articles:

  • Staring at the Sun - The Unanswered Questions of 9-11
  • Conspiracy - Yes, Theory - No - How 9-11 has impacted on US and Japanese society
  • Quiet Riot - A one-woman crusade for truth

The article includes interviews with Yumi Kikuchi, John Mancuso, a New Yorker who teaches at Hitosubashi University in Tokyo, and Kazuhiro Inamura, a social sciences professor at the same university.

Though this magazine is not for sale from in our store, we are including it here for your reference. If you would like to purchase it, it can be ordered from any major bookstore in Japan for 600 Yen.

If it is not available at your nearest bookstore you may order it directly form Tokyo Journal. Just send an email to

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