Accusations from the Iraq War Front DVD - Japanese


Independent cameraman and journalist Fumikazu Nishitani, from Osaka, Japan, ventured by himself into Iraq during the war and managed to capture vivid scenes of Iraqi citizens suffering from the various and serious effects of the war, including the impact of depleted uranium ammunition on the local people.

The type of scenes that he filmed have never been shown in the main stream media. They are presented in this DVD as powerful accusations, directly from the victims, of the crimes that have been committed upon them.

Chapter Summary of the DVD

Chapter 1:  Anticipated Fear of Depleted Uranium

                   Truth of Depleted Uranium Effects

Chapter 2:  Dud weopons left behind on purpose

                   "Cluster Bomb" Child Killer

Chapter 3: Hussein and the USA

                  The Hidden Truth

Chapter 4: Increasing War Casualties

                  Indictment of US Crimes

Chapter 5: No War

                   Message from Iraq to Japan

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Fumikazu Nishitani's blog :

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  • Manufactured by: Save Iraqi Children Group

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