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"David Ray Griffin, writing specifically for members of Congress and the media, has presented the often incredible but true details of 25 major contradictions in the Bush administration's accounts of 9/11. This book, based on careful research but written in a fast-moving, readable style, blows apart the notion that The 9/11 Commission Report presents an accurate account of what happened on September 11. It makes crystal clear the need for a new investigation."

-- Bill Christison, former senior CIA official

In 9/11 Contradictions, David Ray Griffin shows that the official story about 9/11 is riddled with internal contradictions. For example, the 9/11 Commission's claim that Vice President Cheney did not enter the Presidential Emergency Operations Center until almost 10 AM was contradicted by Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, who testified that when he arrived at 9:20, Cheney was already there; the White House's early claim that President Bush left the Florida classroom immediately after being informed by Andy Card about the second attack on the World Trade Center was later contradicted by a video of the session, which showed that the president remained for about 10 minutes; Rudy Giuliani's recent claim that he did not know the Twin Towers were going to collapse contradicts a statement he made to ABC's Peter Jennings on 9/11; Ted Olson's claim that he received two phone calls from his wife, Barbara Olson, who was on Flight 77 has been contradicted by the FBI report on phone calls from the airliners; the claim that several passengers on United Flight 93, such as Tom Burnett, used their cell phones to report its hijacking has been contradicted by that same FBI report; the claim that there is no doubt about Osama bin Ladin's responsibility for the 9/11 attacks has also been contradicted by the FBI, which says it has no hard evidence of his responsibility; the claim that information connecting the attacks to al-Qaeda was found in Mohamed Atta's luggage contradicts the story told by the FBI immediately after the attacks; and the claim that the Pentagon had no way of knowing that an attack was coming has been contradicted by proof that an E-4B was flying over Washington at the time.

Two contradictory statements cannot both be true. These contradictions show, therefore, that individuals and agencies articulating the official story of 9/11 have made many false statements. Congress and the press clearly should ask which of the contradictory statements are false and why they were made.

This book is purely factual, simply laying out the fact that these internal contradictions exist. As such, the book contains no theory. Politicians and journalists who deal with the issues raised herein, therefore, will not be giving credence to some "conspiracy theory" about 9/11. They will simply be carrying out their duty to ask why the official story about 9/11, arguably the most fateful event of our time, is riddled with so many contradictions.

David Ray Griffin is emeritus professor of philosophy of religion and theology at Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University. He has published over 30 books, including Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time, The Reenchantment of Science, Postmodern Politics for a Planet in Crisis, Jewish Theology and Process Thought, Religion and Scientific Naturalism, The New Pearl Harbor, and Whitehead's Radically Different Postmodern Philosophy

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