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The main soundtrack of this movie is in English but it contains a multilingual subtitles in the following languages: Japanese, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

About Jimmy Walter and his movie...

Jimmy Walter, one of the most serious 911 activists in America, used to believe the official 911 story until he met Eric Hufschmid and saw his film "Painful Deceptions." Since that day Jimmy has spent millions of dollars out of his own pocket on 911 truth ads in mainstream media, he sponsored a European tour for a group of 911 truth researchers and has done much much more.

In Mid-September, 2004, Walter funded the jam-packed "Omission Commission" in Manhattan: "Confronting the Evidence - a call to reopen the 9/11 investigation."

The mandate was twofold: First, to expose the facts and circumstances surrounding the 9/11 attacks; second, to make recommendations. In this made-for-broadcast forum, presenters had the task of laying out a compelling case for their evidence. The panel was composed of the family members of 9/11 victims, environmental experts, researchers, scientists, journalists and first responders. 9/11 was an inside job. The evidence they presented is overwhelming.

This new DVD exposes critical evidence about the 9/11 attacks. "Confronting the Evidence" includes footage of a "town hall meeting" held on September 11, 2004 in New York City. Hosted by actor and activist Ed Begley Jr., the groundbreaking event featured David Ray Griffin, David vonKleist, Barry Zwicker, Webster Tarpley, Kristina Borjesson, Karl Schwartz, Jeff King, Paul Thompson, Jenna Orkin, Christopher Scheer, Dr Robert Bowman, Christopher Bollyn, and John Prados.

The DVD also includes special selections from Eric Hufschmid's DVD on 9/11, Painful Deceptions.

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